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Skateboarder association to take skatepark scouting trip

Posted on August 30, 2011 Richard MacKenzie, [email protected]

Antigonish Highland Skateboarding Association members and supporters gather prior to taking part in a downtown clean-up which earned the association $500 from the Resource Recovery Fund Board.

The Antigonish Highland Skateboarding Association (AHSA) went to work on the evening of Aug. 25 with the twofold task of cleaning up the downtown while moving forward in their pursuit of a skatepark.
AHSA’s efforts earned them $500 from the Resource Recovery Fund Board.
They’ll add that money to the $500 they earned earlier for delivering flyers and use the $1,000 for a Sept. 10 road-trip to view skateparks in Nova Scotia. The trip will help them gather ideas for a park in Antigonish.
AHSA president John Bueglas said the clean-up night shows the kind of dedication association members have for not only their skatepark goal, but also in bettering their community.
“As well as getting a skatepark at the end of this, it’s about taking care of their community, their own backyard basically,” Bueglas said.
He said the feeling in the association is that the skatepark is as close to a reality now as it has ever been since plans for the exhibition grounds have moved from drafts to the actual planned stage.
Bueglas said his association would certainly do their part in the funding of a skatepark.
“We feel we can probably do a lot of fundraising ourselves,” he said. “We wouldn’t just be asking for the town and county to pay for it and we would like to get started as soon as possible and see if we can get this going.”
As for the Sept. 10 trip, Bueglas said while the destination wasn’t completely settled on just yet, the group is leaning towards Sydney.
“The thinking is we’ll probably go Sydney way because there are several (skateparks) they can visit in one day,” he said.
He said the timing of the Saturday trip coincides with youth being back in school which means ASHA can go through the school system to alert interested youth in the trip.
“We can let as many kids as possible know this trip is available,” he said. “Then they can contact us and reserve a seat on the bus.”
Additional information on the trip can be found on the group’s website or Facebook page.

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