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Wetland compensation work ongoing

Posted on October 25, 2011 Richard MacKenzie,

Municipality of the County of Antigonish councilor Bill MacFarlane (right), a member of Hwy. 104 community liaison committee, is joined by Lura Consulting’s Trudy Spooner and Ken Donnelly, committee chair, at Antigonish Landing last week. Recently rock armouring has been installed along the river bank to assist in flood prevention and bank stabilization. (Richard MacKenzie photo)

Work continues at Antigonish Landing as part of wetlands compensation in accordance with Highway 104 construction work.
Perhaps the most noticeable work so far at the Landing is the rock armouring which has been installed along the river bank to assist in flood prevention and bank stabilization.
“That’s a late addition to the work,” Bob Pett, environmental analyst with the department of transportation and infrastructure renewal said.
“We had interest in getting that protected because we were getting a bit of erosion there over the year along that landing road,” he added. “And some gravel was sliding into the river as well. They had to grade it every so often just to keep the road intact so we decided to get that (armouring) in there as part of the overall project.”
“The armouring of 800 meters of the Wright and West River’s banks was a good first step in habitat protection,” added Municipal of the County of Antigonish councilor Bill MacFarlane who is on the Hwy. 104 community liaison committee.
Pett said he thinks the project is moving along well although he had hoped to get more done this fall.
“And we still may, we’ll have to see how it goes,” he said.
He also talked about more approvals he is seeking for future work at the site.
“We have our new addendum in with what hopes to be our final plans for the work that we want to do there at the two sites, the north site and so-called south site,” he said.
“I’ve been to the government regulators for their review and approval and I’m waiting to get some final design on the actual culverts I want to install. There are three culverts we’re going to install across the landing trail. Actually two culverts and probably a small bridge,” Pett said.
A lengthened trail will eventually be created from the work. MacFarlane talked about the welcomed additions.
“A one kilometer trail development off St. Andrew’s street will be a bonus for walkers, runners and wildlife enthusiasts,” he said.
“The 12 acre area will feature wetland interpretive signage and viewing spots. The proposed work in this area is slated to be completed next summer.
“The Landing area is near and dear to a lot of people and I think this project will enhance their experience when they visit this area,” MacFarlane said.
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