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Taekwondo athletes compete in Michigan

Posted on December 9, 2015 by Gail MacDougall [email protected]

Emma MacDonald, Xavier Taekwondo, attacks her Costa Rican opponent with a roundhouse kick during the Michigan Midwest Open. PHOTO: Submitted

Three members of the Xavier Taekwondo Club competed recently at the Michigan Midwest Open.
Maggie MacDonald, a competitor in the 17-and-over 125-pound class, placed second. MacDonald opened with an 11-2 win over Emily Craig, Ohio, and followed up with an overtime loss to Armina Galizadeh, Ontario. MacDonald then defeated Haley Uguyen, Alberta, in overtime and Mecgreal Duffy, Michigan, 12-11, while losing 11-9 to Karina Villalobos, Costa Rica.
Emily Stewart competed in the 15-to-17 age classification for 150-pounds and under. She opened with a win over Makayla Garlea (withdrew) from the United States, and lost to Cami Michaelson from the United States by a 6-0 score. Stewart finished up with an 11- 1 defeat to Hanna Dragger, Manitoba.
Stewart then competed in the 170-pound-and-under division for 15-to-17-year olds.
She lost her opening bout to Madelyn Goreman from Colorado, before rebounding for an 11-4 victory over Lakin Lauiso from Kentucky. In her final event, Stewart dropped an 11-3 decision to Lindsay Sibaya from Costa Rica.
Emma MacDonald finished fourth in the 15-17-year division for athletes 128-pounds and under category.
MacDonald lost her opening bout to American Stephanie Douglas, while rebounding for wins over Zaharia Williams, Illinois and Jordyn Garland, USA, by withdrawl. She lost her final bout to Jimena Vega, Costa Rica.
MacDonald also competed in the 17-and over category, losing her opening match to Armina Galizdeh and following up with a loss to Mecgreal Duffy.

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