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County reminds residents of assessment appeal deadline

Posted on January 25, 2017 by Corey LeBlanc [email protected]

[Editor's Note - Wed., Jan. 25 at 3 p.m.: Representatives from PVSC have provided the following clarification on the appeal process. "A property owner cannot call and have an appeal put into an 'appeal cue.' An appeal must be signed and submitted in writing. An appeal form, with PVSC contact information, is attached to the assessment notice or can be downloaded from the PVSC website, We do encourage property owner to call us if they have questions or wish to discuss their assessment with an assessor. Property assessment appeals must be received by midnight, February 13, 2017.]

The Municipality of the County of Antigonish is reminding property owners of an important upcoming date.

    If they want to appeal their assessment notice from the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC), the deadline is Monday, Feb. 13, 2017.

    “Each year we get a lot of calls from constituents about this time of year, when the notices go out for the property assessments, so we asked them [PVSC] to come in to, kind of, explain what changes property values and so on,” Deputy Warden Owen McCarron said, Jan. 17, after council’s regular monthly meeting.

    Earlier that evening, during its working committee meeting, council met with representatives from PVSC, the municipally funded, independent, not-for-profit organization that provides assessment services for 50 municipalities in Nova Scotia, including Antigonish County.

    McCarron noted the PVSC representatives gave council a “good overview.”

    “They gave us an overview of what might trigger a change in assessment; it could be a sale or it could be a subdivision of a property, change of ownership,” he said.

    “We had a very open discussion about the process and they seem like they want to be there to work with the people and the municipality.”

    Assessment notices from PVSC were mailed out to property owners Jan. 13.

    “If they don’t agree with their assessment notice, they should call PVSC and make that appeal before the 13th of February,” McCarron said.

    “If people aren’t happy with the value that’s put on, they can appeal it and, if there are other things there, they [PVSC] are very open and they have a lot of assessors working the phones to take the calls and they will be quick to get back to you.”

    The municipality will base a property owner’s tax bill on the PVSC assessment. Once that tax bill is issued, it is too late to appeal, which is why the municipality is stressing the importance of the appeal deadline.

    “That’s one of the things, obviously, that we want to let our residents know – look at your notice of assessment and, if there is an opportunity, or you don’t agree with it, call PVSC before the 13th of February,” McCarron said.

    “They will put you into the appeal cue and then it gets worked out, but if you don’t do that, before the 13th, the municipality really can’t do anything for you in this upcoming year.”  

Music festival        

    Council approved a conditional special event permit for the Black River Music Festival.

    Organizers John and Judy MacDonald made a presentation at council’s Jan. 17 working committee meeting regarding their plans for the festival, which is scheduled for August 4-6, 2017, at 1648 Meadow Green Road.

    Information in council’s Jan. 17 working committee agenda indicated the festival will feature country music, live bands, and DJs, with approximately 1,500 paying guests expected.

    “It used to be the former property where the Evolve festival was held,” McCarron noted to reporters of the proposed location.

    He said organizers are “just working through the early details.”

    “They are looking at getting a permit and following all the protocol, whether it is having people – security – and every one lined up,” McCarron said.

    “They are working with different performers and they want to have some local flavour, as well.

    “They are going to certainly work very closely [with us] to ensure that they follow all the rules around permitting,” he added.

    McCarron was asked, if council approves the application, when that would take place.

    “We will deal with it, as they start to bring it in – the critical date is to have everything in place by the first week in April; meet all the requirements,” he said.

    “We will give them, sort of, an interim [permit] and then we will start to work at the finer details and they will bring the information in that’s required.

    “We are very confident, from the presentation, that they are well on their way to making this work,” McCarron added.



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