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Keppoch the ideal place for special bench

Posted on January 27, 2017

Bench commissioned by Marie Cormier and family in memory of son and brother Michael. It's located in the Keppoch Mountain lodge.

Recognizing their son and brother Michael as an avid outdoorsman and athlete, Marie Cormier and family commissioned a bench in his memory with the dedication ceremony taking place, over the holiday season, at Keppoch Mountain lodge, where the bench is placed.
Michael died in 2013, in Colorado, as a result of a climbing accident.
“Keppoch was a force in the development of the love of outdoors; particularly winter sports (skiing) and it is still strong in the memories of families all over Nova Scotia, but here especially,” Positive Action for Keppoch Society (PAK) president John Chiasson wrote in an email to the Casket regarding the dedication.
“It kindled that spirit which continues to serve those who love life, active lifestyles and the outdoors. It continues to do so today and it was not lost on Michael’s mother, Marie, who thought a commemorative at Keppoch was appropriate. We agree and when she suggested it, we were quick to facilitate the endeavour.”
The bench was made by Keith Grant.
“It has been a couple of years in the making and that speaks to Keith’s professionalism, perfectionism and attention to detail,” Chiasson said.

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