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Smiling selfie wins an IPhone

Posted on January 27, 2017

Dr. Grace Richardson with her patient, Brianna MacDonald from St. Andrews. MacDonald recently won an IPhone 7 from a contest run by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists and promoted by Richardson at her Antigonish location on James Street as well as her office in Stellarton. Richard MacKenzie

The sole winner of a nation-wide contest was announced recently and she just happens to be from St. Andrews.
Brianna MacDonald won an IPhone 7 in the contest run by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.
This is the second time that the Canadian Association of Orthodontists has run the contest; the first was December 2015 to February 2016, and now September 2016 to December 2016. In total, there were 250 submissions for the contest.
MacDonald is a patient with Antigonish’s Richardson Orthodontics on James Street.
“They wanted our patients, the orthodontists’ patients, to send selfies in of them smiling,” Dr. Grace Richardson said about the contest.
“Whether they were in braces or Invisalign, it didn’t matter, and age didn’t matter.
“So we promoted it in the practice; we verbally told our patients and also had signs in our waiting room and such, that they could win an IPhone 7.
“We didn’t know how many phones they were awarding or anything like that and then we received a call a couple of weeks ago that one of our patients had won. We asked how many did you give out – I assumed it would five or 10, something like that – but it was one.”
Richardson said the association also noted that, of all the participating practices, hers had the most entrees, which included patients from both her Antigonish and Stellarton locations.
“The young girl who won has been in treatment with me for more than two years and did not have an IPhone – didn’t have a phone – so we were super happy for her,” Richardson said. “It could have gone to anyone but she needed one.”

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