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Young entrepreneur opens antique business

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Richard MacKenzie [email protected]

Sixteen-year-old Charlie MacDonald in his new business, Red Horse Treats and Antiques, which opened in early July. The business is located in Cape George Point. Richard MacKenzie

More often than not, antique stores are opened by folks after they’ve retired from their main careers and find themselves with more time, as well as a large collection of saved items. Then there is 16-year-old Charlie MacDonald from Cape George Point.

MacDonald opened Red Horse Treats and Antiques in early July; the brightly coloured store is located near his family’s home and with a perfect view of picturesque Ballantyne’s Cove.

“It has been going well,” MacDonald said of his first summer in business, noting he plans to stay open until, around, the end of September.

He adds, he’ll probably open for a few days in the winter for those looking for Christmas gift-giving ideas.

“Then, after that, I’ll reopen next July,” he said, noting the business’ Facebook page is the best way to stay up-to-date with store hours and open dates.

MacDonald’s grandfather, Moses Benoit of Pomquet, along with other tradespeople, helped him get his building ready. MacDonald said, in a release announcing the opening, he has had the interest for “many years.”

“I have been interested in antiques and opening a business for many years now,” he said. “Although it is a small venue, I intend to continue adding new and interesting pieces every week to keep it fresh and exciting. I enjoy meeting people and look forward to serving locals and tourists, so stop by and see me.”

In talking to the Casket, MacDonald noted the antique items for sale represent, around, three years of collecting.

“Yard sales, flea markets, auctions around here, my neighbour helped get me into the auctions,” he said. “And I always thought, you have to put it out; you can’t always keep what you have. Someone brought to me the idea of opening a little shop and here I am.”

MacDonald, who will be going into Grade 11 at École acadienne de Pomquet this school-year, talked about his eye for unique and interesting items.

“A bit of everything,” he said about his inventory.

“I can pick things up and imagine things; I picked up this at a yard sale and made it into something new, re-purposed it,” he said, while gesturing towards the item.

“So I have snacks, antiques, nautical items, some flowers out on the deck there, and a lot of local artisans have their work for sale here; some jams, pictures, knitted items, jewelry.”

The business-side of the venture was an interest for MacDonald as well and he had some assistance on that front from St. F.X. business administration students who helped him with a business and marketing plan.

“He has also been working with the St. F.X. Extension Department’s Innovation and Enterprise Center and the Summer Launch Program,” the release notes.

“The young entrepreneur is submitting activity reports that will help track statistics and success over the summer.”

Red Horse Treats and Antiques is located at 6398 Hwy. 337, Cape George Point. 







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