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Coady Gardens to become cinema for an evening

Posted on September 8, 2017 Tyler MacDonald

Antigonish will host a special screening of the acclaimed Canadian independent film Weirdos.
The film will be shown Tuesday, Sept. 12, at 7:30 p.m., outside, in the Coady Gardens on the St. F.X. campus.
Weirdos is described as a thoughtful and funny coming-of-age film about a teenage boy who decides to hitch-hike, with his girlfriend, to his mother’s house in Cape Breton. It takes place in 1976, the year the Vietnam War ended, which is a significant, but distant, detail hanging over the entire film. As with all road trips, the rollicking fun is broken up by moments of powerful personal reflection. Questions of identity and sexuality are faced, in a period where such questions are marginalized.
Also, Andy Warhol is the protagonist’s imaginary friend.
As a period piece, it only excels. The costuming, hair and, even the cars, are authentic to the times. The movie is shot in tasteful grayscale to add to the effect. But more than that is the music – Canadian rock gems from Edward Bear, the Stampeders and others set the scene better than any of the gorgeous establishing shots of northeastern Nova Scotia. It is a small and personal road trip story, but one that is firmly grounded in this province.
This is no wonder, seeing as director Bruce McDonald and writer Daniel MacIvor (as well as most of the cast) are Canadian talent. MacIvor hails from Cape Breton and still lives in Halifax, amidst a nation-wide career in theatre and film. It is easy to imagine that something personal went into the making of this story, perhaps an element of these youths’ tale was taken from his experiences.
The film garnered six Canadian Screen Awards nominations, including best supporting actress (Molly Parker) and best original screenplay (MacIvor), who both won.
Screenings, such as this, are important for Canadian films because it provides an outlet that we may otherwise fill with imports from Hollywood. While fun films come from the States, it is easy to forget that so much talent is hard at work in the Great White North. With the few chances you get to see Canadian films, it is always a good idea to jump on the opportunity, when it arises.
Be sure to find your way to the Coady Gardens for the screening of the phenomenal independent film Weirdos.

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