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Events to recognize Leeside Society’s 25th anniversary

Posted on September 14, 2017 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

The Leeside Society of Port Hawkesbury is recognizing an important milestone, Sept. 15, with an open-house type of event in the afternoon, as well as an evening activity which will feature music, food and a cash-bar.
The organization turns 25 this year and from noon to 2 p.m. people are invited to join them in recognizing the anniversary, at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, for cake and live entertainment.
The ‘Evening of Fun’ is later that day, a 7 p.m. start-time at the same location, and features Carmel Mikol as well as Wendy MacIsaac and Mary Jane Lamond as the musical entertainment.
There will be hot and cold hors d’oeuvres, by the Maritime Inn, and tickets for the event are $45 per person.
Society executive director Marina Martens noted there will be some speeches during both events regarding the society turning 25.
“What we are is; a society where our first big project was Leeside Transition House, which is the shelter which opened in 1992,” she said.
“Then, in 2011, we opened the Strait Area Women’s Place which is a women’s centre; so we have the women’s shelter and centre.”
A first reflection on their 25 years had Martens noting the “tremendous” support they’ve received over the years.
“The community support that has been there for the shelter right from the beginning, and for Strait Area Women’s Place,” she said.
“Nobody came to Port Hawkesbury and said we’re going to build a shelter here. What happened was a concerned group of people in the community looked around and said, ‘hey, we have a problem, we have to do something.’ So the shelter and the Strait Area Women’s Place came to be as a result of the concern and activities of community people.
“It’s very much a grass roots organization.”
The events on the 15th will also be an opportunity to recognize and thank the many “dedicated volunteers, board members and staff,” Martens noted.
She listed some data which illustrates the important work done by those folks involved with the society.
“Leeside Transition House, since we opened in 1992, we served 2,920 women and children,” she said. “Strait Area Women’s Place, since they opened in May of 2011, has served 890 women and girls and we have a 24-hour crisis line and that line has handled 92,033 calls in the 25 years.”
Martens said the numbers also speak to why the society is so well supported by the community.
“The community knows it’s needed,” she said.
Tickets for the evening event can be purchased by calling 902-625-1990. If available, they’ll also be sold at the door.
The afternoon event is free to the public and all are encouraged to attend.
For more on the society, visit their Facebook page.

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