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Highlanders, Royals race to regional crowns

Posted on October 27, 2017 Corey LeBlanc, [email protected]

Emma Cameron of the Saint Andrew Junior School Highlanders raced to top spot in the girls’ junior race during the Northumberland Region cross country championships, Oct. 16, on the St. F.X. campus course. Corey LeBlanc

Antigonish schools raced to victories in five out of six races in the recent Northumberland Region cross country championships.
The meet took place Oct. 16 on the St. F.X. campus course.
The Saint Andrew Junior School (SAJS) Highlanders garnered first place in the junior girls’ classification, with Emma Cameron (18:03) and Anna Robinson (18:37) finishing first and third, respectively.
Megan Smith (fifth, 19:14), Bryn Canning (sixth, 19:35) and Allison Gilfoy (seventh, 20:15) also finished in the top-10 for SAJS.
Other Highlander competitors included Mya Artibello (11th, 20:36), Lily Maclean (12th, 20:48), Jaelyn Rovers, (15th, 21:08), Emma Barrett (17th, 21:20), Mariah Austen (18th, 21:21), Aisling Boyd (20th, 21:53), Jaimie Tobin (40th, 25:19) and Martha Jewkes (41st, 25:32).
Vanessa Dort (33rd, 24:13) and Lindsay Connolly (37th, 24:52) raced for Guysborough Academy.
On the junior boys’ side, the Highlanders also took top spot, led by top-10 finishers Brody Macpherson (fourth, 18:06), John Kendall (sixth, 18:16) and Jack Lowther (seventh, 18:31), while Jacob Cook of Guysborough Academy raced to 10th (19:01).
Other SAJS runners were Jacob Colton (14th, 19:08), Parker Flynn (17th, 19:18), Lucas MacDonald (19th, 19:25), Liam Walker (22nd, 19:41), Dante MacDonald (24th, 20:03), Rory Walker (28th, 20:33), Simon Bannerman (31st, 20:58), Ryan MacDonald (38th, 21:22), Andy MacDonald (55th, 25:40), Arend Wasserman (56th, 25:44) and James Sullivan (61st, 27:12).
Matthew Connolly (53rd, 24:28), Jacob Monks (66th, 29:46) and Carter Monks (68th, 31:17) also competed for Guysborough Academy.
Liam Berthiaume of Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated School in Riverton, Pictou County, who has deep roots in Antigonish, finished second (17:53) in the junior boys’ race.
Mark MacDonald (seventh, 22:04) and Steven Thompson (18th, 26:27) raced for the Royals in the intermediate boys’ classification.
On the girls’ side, Siona Chisholm led the Regional to the championship with a first-place finish (20:14), while Mairin Canning (21:05) rounded out the top-three.
Malia Artibello (sixth, 23:15) and Hannah Austen (eighth, 23:29) also garnered top-10 finishes.
Maddy Fraser (13th, 25:13), Rebecca Van de wiel (15th, 25:20) and Maura Flynn (16th, 25:34) also represented the Royals, while Jenna Dort (32nd, 31:33) competed for Guysborough Academy.
The Royals also raced to first place in both senior races.
On the girls’ side, Aidan MacDonald (1st, 24:24) and Lauren Lowther (3rd, 24:53) garnered top-three finishes.
Abigail MacDonald (sixth, 26:39), Hannah Bance (seventh, 27:12), Jessie Weaver (eighth, 27:40) and Elin Cunningham (ninth, 27:42) finished in the top-10.
Emily Walker (20th, 29:39), Lilly MacFarlane (23rd, 30:40) and Brooke Morris (29th, 31:57) also competed for the Royals.
On the boys’ side, Alex LeBlanc led the Royals with a second-place finish (22:40), while Iain Polson (23:15) secured a top-five spot.
Alex Lambourne (ninth, 24:38), Oliver Storseth (11th, 24:59), Mark Chisholm (21st, 26:57), Taylor Estabrooks (24th, 27:28) and Kinnon Wallace (26th, 27:37) were also members of the winning Regional boys’ squad.

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