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Antigonish 4-H honours ‘The Exhibition Crew’

Posted on November 30, 2017 Corey LeBlanc, [email protected]

Tommy MacLellan (left), George Landry, Wayne Smith and Lawrence MacDonald were honoured during the recent Antigonish County 4-H Council awards’ night, at the St. Andrews District Community Centre. Contributed

They are affectionately known as ‘The Exhibition Crew.’
Tommy MacLellan, George Landry, Wayne Smith and Lawrence MacDonald – mainstays of the annual Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition (ENSE) – were recently honoured for their tireless effort.
During the annual Antigonish County 4-H Council awards’ night, Nov. 12 at Saint Andrews District Community Centre, the organization presented the foursome with its Certificate of Appreciation, which recognizes people or businesses who make contributions to the movement.
They have combined for more than 100 years’ service to the ENSE, including tireless devotion to 4-H clubs in Antigonish.
Angela MacNeil, a 4-H Council past president, described them as the “backbone of getting the Exhibition done.”
“Any help that we need, they are willing to give it,” she said, adding – with a laugh – “especially if you ask with a little bit of sass.”
In an interview with the Casket, MacNeil noted, while in the background, “they make everything run smoothly.”
During Exhibition week, they are on the fairgrounds from early in the morning until late at night – seemingly never leaving the James Street location – while ensuring, as MacNeil noted, the safety of exhibitors is at the forefront, while completing tasks, including preparing the ring and gates for competition.
She added members, leaders and families have and continue to depend on ‘The Exhibition Crew’ to have a successful 4-H Day and exhibition.
“They are a great group of guys, who love to work together,” Bruce Thomson, another former leaders’ council president, said.

He added their second-to-none dedication goes well beyond the five days of each fall fair.
As Thomson, also a former ENSE president, noted, “they certainly set a great example” for everyone involved in 4-H.
“I have so much respect for what they have done for the ENSE for countless years,” he said.
“Whether it’s parking campers in the buildings, working to ready the grounds for the fair, or keeping the buildings in good repair.”
He added ‘The Exhibition Crew’ does “a tremendous amount to keep the wheels turning at the fall fair, without much recognition.”
“But, I can guarantee, that they don’t do what they do to get noticed. They are just great citizens,” Thomson said.

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