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Participant pleased with practical education

Posted on November 30, 2017 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

Nepal’s Nabina Sanba (Limbu) is looking forward to taking her Coady International Institute educational experience back to her work as a social development officer. Richard MacKenzie

Nabina Sanba (Limbu) is appreciating the “practical” education she is receiving as a 2017 participant in the diploma in development leadership program, at the Coady International Institute.
“I came to Coady to gain knowledge and skills to support the fight against social injustice, gender discrimination, inequality and the vicious circle of poverty in my country,” Sanba, a social development officer, with the rural municipality Mikwakhola, Taplejung, Nepal, said, in her Coady website profile.
It’s noted in the same profile, the organization works to improve the living standards of citizens using the “local self-rule based democratic process.”
“As a social development officer, I am responsible for preparing all progress reports, preparation of an annual budget and plans,” Sanba said, as part of the profile.
“I conduct orientation programs, and monitor, evaluate and support the social mobilization programs. Also, I network and communicate with stakeholders and prepare the organization profile, gender audit and create a safe environment for all.”
In talking to the Casket Nov. 10, Sanba noted she has been working with the organization since, around, 2009-2010, and she is pleased to be working with all segments of the population.
“I support all people,” she said, adding that once the government provides her organization a budget, “we do our planning and budgeting then.”
As for challenges with her work, Sanba pointed out a few hurdles, starting with political bureaucracy.
“Interference,” she stressed. “A lack of cooperation. And corruption, at times, which can make it very difficult.”
Despite those issues, Sanba said she enjoys her work and is really looking forward to bringing back all of which she is gaining from her Coady experience, which began in August and will conclude early next month.
“The Coady has been very helpful,” she said. “The practical knowledge, education in rural development … I came here wanting to learn more skills [and have],” she said.
As for experiences outside the Coady and off the St. F.X. campus, Sanba, like many of her fellow participants in the diploma program, talked about attending and appreciating the Pow Wow in nearby Paqtnkek Mi’kmaq Nation.
“The culture, the dancing … I enjoyed that a lot,” she said.
“And the many examples of people volunteering [for their community], it makes me very happy to see that,” she added.
Sanba said she finds the overall environment of the Coady and Antigonish very welcoming.
“It’s such a respectful environment,” she said. “I’m very appreciative of the community and the Coady staff … all very helpful.”

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