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X Talk to focus on Hope and Education

Posted on January 3, 2018

The first X Talk of 2018 – Hope and Education: Four Perspectives on the Power and Potential of Education – will take place Tuesday, Jan. 9.

    The event, at St. F.X.’s Schwartz School of Business Auditorium, will get underway at 7 p.m.

    “We feel as though, through dialogue and conversation, we can better understand each other and ourselves. The purpose of this X Talk is to begin a discussion surrounding the binding experience that we are getting at St. F.X. – an education. But what does that mean?” St. F.X. education student Kristian Rasenberg – one of the four scheduled speakers – said in an email interview.

    “Education is an ambiguous word and means something different to everyone, for everyone has experienced it differently. The common thread we share is that our educational experiences give us hope, as we would like it to be for everyone.”

    After Rasenberg, Farhiyo Salah, Majd Al Zhouri and Tamara Cremo each complete their 12-minute talks, they will return to the stage for a   question-and-answer session moderated by members of event host groups – the St. F.X. WUSC, St. F.X. for SAFE Societies, Class of 2018 and the St. F.X. Students’ Union.

    “It is a diverse lineup of speakers and no two talks will be the same because we all approach education differently due to that diversity. Education has been used wrongly at times, to oppress when it should be used to liberate,” Rasenberg said in reflecting feedback he has received from participants and organizers about the diversity of the speakers.

    “The audience should feel as though they have permission to use their education in order to liberate and improve lives and the world around them.

    “We think they will feel empowered in a way,” he added.

    Organizers said the X Talk will also serve as an opportunity to further the efforts of St. F.X. WUSC and St. F.X. for SAFE Societies in their pursuit of refugee resettlement and support.

    It also aims to raise awareness of the Class of 2018’s Legacy Bursary, a fundraiser to create perpetual financial aid for students who came to Canada as refugees. The Class of 2018 has targeted collecting $50,000 to establish the endowment.

    To make a contribution to the campaign, go to  


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