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Remembering to use the reusable bags

Posted on January 26, 2018 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

Town councillor Jack MacPherson holds up a couple of examples of the reusable type of bags he hopes everyone will get in the habit of using, more and more, and leave the plastic ones at the store. Richard MacKenzie

Town of Antigonish councillor Jack MacPherson wants everyone to add this New Year’s resolution for 2018; start using reusable bags and leave the plastic ones at the stores.
MacPherson, who has chaired the waste management committee for a number of years, took the opportunity of council’s regular monthly public meeting, Jan. 15, to express his desire and note its growing importance.
“China was buying all the plastic we could give them but the film plastic, which is plastic bags and around paper towel, toilet paper, items like that, there is no market for that,” MacPherson said.
“That’s less than five per cent of the plastic produced, so we’re just looking at less than five per cent of plastics, but there is no place for it. So if we all got together and started bringing in our reusable bags, and left the plastic at the stores, there would be less going to the recycling stations.”
MacPherson admits to being guilty, himself, of going into Sobeys or the Superstore and forgetting his reusable bags in the car.
“And then being too lazy to go back out and get them; so I have to train myself to bring them in,” he said.
He noted he may approach stores about establishing incentives for people who remember their reusable bags.
“It’s really up to us; this has to stop,” he said of the over reliance on plastic bags.

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