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Business Connects events grow partnerships

Posted on February 2, 2018 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

Jay Ross, from Antigonish Community Energy, gave a presentation as part of the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce Business Connects event, Jan. 24, at the People’s Place Library. Richard MacKenzie

Sustainability was a theme for the most recent Antigonish Chamber of Commerce Business Connects event, Jan. 24.
Presentations by Jay Ross, from Antigonish Community Energy (ACE), and Nicole Haverkort, from Eastern Region Solid Waste Management, highlighted the late afternoon event, which took place at the People’s Place Library’s community room.
The two presenters talked about their organizations and how they’re open to working with businesses, and other interested groups, to achieve their respective goals; clean energy options and conservation, and proper waste management.
For chamber executive director Richard Bruelle, having the two organizations as presenters represents more partnership opportunities, which the chamber is happy to facilitate.
“My mantra is that we need to build more partnerships, we need to have more collaboration,” he said at the conclusion of the event.
“This is how we’re going to make our community stronger, better, by building these partnerships. We seek out partners on different initiatives and this is just an example of a couple.”
Bruelle said a couple of other examples are the chamber working with the Antigonish Visitor Information Centre on its relocation to the Nova Landing site, and with the Downtown Business Association, on different initiatives.
“And we’re glad to see the town and county collaborating more; it’s just the right way to do things, the way to go,” he said.
Bruelle talked about the presentations.
“We’ve been taught the three ‘Rs’ (reduce, reuse, recycle), since we were kids. Back then, not a lot of it was being done; nowadays people don’t give it a second thought,” he said, referencing some of the positives statistics Haverkort had noted.
“And I was glad it was mentioned that businesses can actually produce savings by managing their waste more strategically … that’s key.
“And energy too; with what Jay was talking about as far as what is coming down the pipe in the future … and that future isn’t too far away. Some of these initiatives are, really, just around the corner, so it’s good for us to keep an eye out, be reminded, and to be more informed. Education is part of this.”
The next Business Connects event will take place Feb. 14 and the education will be on Business Improvement Districts (BID), a topic of local interest right now.
“There is no cost involved,” Bruelle said of the Business Connects events. “Invitations go out to businesses and the community at large.”

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