Thursday, Feb 22nd, 2018

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Road to Georgetown Trek

In early to mid-September 2013, Bob Maher and Edward Wedler begin walking from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Georgetown, Prince Edward Island (over 500 km) collecting and sharing stories about rural people, communities and rural life. It is in Georgetown, a small community located to the far east of Prince Edward Island, that people all over Atlantic Canada converge for three days in early October to “redefine rural” at the inaugural Georgetown Conference. Follow Maher and Wedler efforts through their blog.

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The Way We See It by Len “PD” MacDonald

Len MacDonald was born and raised in Antigonish in a large Catholic family. He observed the coming and goings of his seven siblings and parents. He and his wife Betty have four children of their own and two grandchildren with another on the way.
He has been in the financial planning business for twenty years and currently hangs his hat on College Street with Success’N Planning. He is an avid runner having recently completed the Boston Marathon for the second time.
He is a keen observer of the human condition and writes short humour stories about everyday life. Rather than getting frustrated with things like checkout lines in stores or shopping in general, he has chosen to find the humour in these situations.
Along with Phil Milner Len writes The Way We See It for the Casket, Antigonishes community newspaper.

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Baked in Nova Scotia

Hi, my name is Maureen.

Welcome to my new, fancy blog.

And by fancy, I mean that it’s actually on the internet where other people can actually see it.

I’m starting Baked in Nova Scotia as a means to combine a few of my passions: baking, writing, and all things local. My goal is to provide a collection of delicious, simple recipes showcasing local ingredients when possible. I’m very lucky to live in Nova Scotia and have access to so many great local products – and I plan to enjoy as many of them as possible with you.

I hope you’ll find some recipes that suit your fancy.

Maybe you’ll discover some new local products you haven’t tried yet along the way.

Or maybe you’ll just drool all over your keyboard looking at the pictures I post.

Either way, I’m glad you’re here.

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Phil Milner is husband of Marilyn; father of Ellen (father-in-law of Billy MacIntosh), Beth, and Paul; grandfather of Andrew, Sophia, Jack, and Alec [sic]. He has lived in Antigonish for 38 years, is a convert to Catholicism and Canada. He taught writing, American lit and movies at St. F.X. He gave up teaching after turning in his marks in April. Antigonishers know him for riding his bike, keeping bees and conducting a friendly quarrel with his adopted town and adopted church. He believes the glass is half-full. Unfortunately, it is chipped. He doesn’t love Canada, but would never willingly go back where he came from.

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Running with Eric Gillis

Antigonish native Eric Gillis was a 2008 Olympian and has met the Olympic standard for the 2012 Olympics in London. Follow one of Canada’s top long distance runners as he trains toward achieving Olympic glory.

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L’Arche Antigonish

L’Arche is an international federation of communities where men and women with developmental disabilities and those who choose to share life with them, live and work together.

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Colin in the Caribbean

Colin Whitmee is an Antigonisher working in the Bahamas with their National Olympic Committee. Follow his experience.

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A sustainable now

A native of Nova Scotia, Matthew recently graduated from St. Francis Xavier University ’10 with a BA in Political Science and International Development. Born in Vancouver, BC, Matthew has lived on two of the three coasts in Canada. While at St. F.X., Matthew took an interest in many facets of policy and climate change.

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Out and About Nova Scotia

Denise Davies is a travel writer and photographer is for armchair traveler, those people planning a trip to this beautiful corner of the world, coming back home after many years away or continuing to discover the many facets of life in Nova Scotia.

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East Coast Mommy

This blog is about Supporting, Promoting, and {hopefully} Inspiring Moms! Through sharing my experiences as a SAHM mom of three small boys {which I had in 3 1/2 years!}, I provide: craft tutorials, organizational tips, ideas for activities to do with your kids, and more. I also promote Mompreneurs & mom-friendly products/services through giveaways, discounts, and product reviews.

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Experience Antigonish

A blog dedicated to the awesomeness that is Antigonish.

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Nova Scotia Boy

Peter MacDonald is a native Antigonisher living on a houseboat and navigating the canals of England.

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Letting Go by Dawn Bowles

I am 36 years old woman who decided to make the necessary changes in her life to become a healthier person. I started at 333.4 lbs and am working towards reaching my goal weight of 185 lbs. I recently started training for a triathlon. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.

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