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Eerie experience for Liscomb couple

The Sea-Doo battery showing the after effects of it sparking.
The Sea-Doo battery showing the after effects of it sparking. - Contributed

Unexplained sighting, event, during foggy drive


It was famous author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – of Sherlock Holmes fame – who once opined “once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

It’s a sentiment Liscomb resident Brianna MacRae and her boyfriend Mike were feeling after a foggy, Friday night (March 22) drive - one they had made numerous times in the past - left them with the chills and looking for explanations beyond the probable.

In that search, MacRae took to Facebook with a post that has received (as of March 27) 229 ‘likes/wows’ as well as 124 comments and 218 shares. A follow-up post a few days later is also getting a lot of hits.  

“I know many of you will choose not to believe what I’m about to tell you and I understand many are not as open minded on this particular subject (paranormal) however, this is the truth with no exaggeration,” MacRae’s first post starts, before going into detail about their location on Old Pinevale Road; “driving on the dirt road past the fish hatchery. The road that cuts into Lochaber by the Glenhill Berry Farm.”

The post continues with MacRae stating both she and Mike immediately had a bad and “eerie” feeling as they started down the road.

“This heavy feeling never left us, it was the type of vibe that makes you sick to your stomach. A few minutes later on the right hand side in the woods we both saw this super bright, glowing figure. I thought to myself, that it isn’t a sign because it’s too far in the woods and it’s not a light because it had such an odd shape (person like figure), it was glowing an extremely bright white colour. There were no houses around so it wouldn’t have been anything reflective from somebody’s yard.”

What happened next really defied explanation for the couple and added to the surreal experience.

“Immediately after we saw the thing which I’m going to assume was a ghost, a battery for the Sea-Doo in the back seat of the truck began to spark like crazy, sparks kept flying in under my seat and wouldn’t stop, I thought it was on fire. Mike parked the truck and at this point I was freaking out. He grabbed the battery and moved it away from us and it stopped. It’s to my understanding that the paranormal feed off electricity to gain energy or something like that.”

MacRae’s post concludes by noting both she and Mike felt an immediate sense a relief after getting off that portion of the road.

“Obviously we were both still upset but we felt safe again when we left that road. I will never take that route ever again even though I’ve driven on it a thousand times,” she wrote.

In talking to the Casket on Monday (March 25), MacRae said her post has received both supportive and dismissive reactions.

“A lot of people are supporting, but then you have the odd comments like ‘ghost aren’t real,’ stuff like that,” she said, noting she anticipated the mixture, which is evidenced by her opening line.

She added one person she went to college with talked about seeing ghosts since she was a young girl, and went into specific detail about their purpose and why she and Mike felt relief after leaving the area.

“The spirit didn’t attach itself to you because, as soon as you were off that road, you felt relief,” MacRae said, quoting the reply.    

As for whether she was a big believer in the paranormal/supernatural before the experience, MacRae talked about believing in an after-life, “but not necessarily ghosts or anything like that.”

“Now, for sure,” she added, adamantly.

And even if the glowing figure and subsequent battery reaction could be explained away – some have offered meteorological explanations – MacRae said the “weirdest” part, which has no reasonable explanation, is the uneasy feeling which overcame her and Mike simultaneously, as soon as they started down the road.

“That we had a bad feeling before we even saw anything; I was already starting to tear up before we even saw anything,” she said.      

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