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Christmas themed events coming up in northeastern Nova Scotia

Angela Bowles (left) and Marius Langley chair the St Martha’s Hospital Auxiliary committee putting on the Nov. 30 Jingle Bell Frolic. The women are displaying a couple of special items available in the silent auction this year; a Lyncharm Bowl and a rare Santa package.
Angela Bowles and Marius Langley, co-chairs for the St Martha’s Hospital Auxiliary committee putting on the Nov. 30 Jingle Bell Frolic, at at the Clare Marie Gathering Place in Antigonish. - Contributed

Events in Antigonish, Inverness and Lochaber highlighted


Jingle Bell Frolic

Once again, St Martha’s Hospital Auxiliary is putting on the Jingle Bell Frolic, Nov. 30 at the Clare Marie Gathering Place in Antigonish.

As always, the lure of the delicious chowder and the amazing tables of goodies at the frolic will be enticing people from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. However, this takes organization and, this year, that is in the capable hands of Marius Langley and Angela Bowles.

They chair the committee from the auxiliary who runs the Frolic which puts all into the Christmas Spirit.

Langley, a member of the auxiliary for more than 30 years, brings her experience in previously running the Frolic to the task. On the day, she covers the Oldies and Goodies table, where you can guarantee to find that perfect, unusual gift for someone special.

She is quick to acknowledge the work done by all the members of the auxiliary in making this a special day.

“It is not only on the day,” Langley said, “but in the sorting out of the items that are donated and ensuring the community knows where to bring their donations of baked goods, fudge and everything else.

“The hospital staff are also wonderful helpers. They not only donate items but are there helping us clear up and clean the different places. Everywhere is always so clean and welcoming and that is due, in a large part, to the help they give us.”

Bowles is a newer member and, as such, brings that fresh approach to this event. She watches over the event with an eagle eye, making sure only the best and finest delights are on the tables.

“I am always amazed by the wonderful displays the table leaders manage to make,” Bowles said.

This year, the silent auction contain not only a beautiful stone carving donated by Joe Arsenault, and a cross-stitch by Marie Cormier - framed by Lyghtsome Gallery and donated by Mary Veinot, but also two rare items which should prove great attractions.

The Santa items available in the silent auction at this year's Jingle Bell Frolic.
The Santa items available in the silent auction at this year's Jingle Bell Frolic.

The first is a large Lyncharm Bowl in the deep blue for which the pottery was famous.

“Now that the pottery is no longer producing pots, this item is extremely rare, and we hope it will be sold for its true worth,” Langley said. “Our thanks go to Mary Foshay for this item.”

The second rarity is a combined item of the book The House of Wooden Santas, complete with the two CDs, and a Santa carved by Imelda George.

“No longer available in stores, they are a ‘wish come true’ item for many people,” Bowles said, “and should generate much interest at the silent auction tables.”

Langley and Nancy Booth are to be thanked for this donation.

With all this effort and activity, it is no wonder the Jingle Bell Frolic has become a fixture on the Christmas calendar. It is a major contributor to the auxiliary funds, which go towards equipment for St Martha’s Regional Hospital.

Christmas Tea and Sale

The Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital (ICMH) Auxiliary is preparing for the annual Christmas Tea and Sale.

The event will take place Friday, Nov. 30, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Inverness Fire Hall

Members have been meeting and contributors have been busy preparing for this much anticipated event.

Twice yearly, for more than 40 years, the auxiliary hosts a tea and sale as its main fundraisers. Residents from the entire catchment area, spanning the Margarees to Whycocomagh, Judique and all areas between, contribute and attend, ensuring the success of the events.

This, of course, enables the auxiliary to purchase much needed equipment for ICMH.

The hospital’s most recent acquisition through the auxiliary was a portable ultrasound machine.

The first portable ultrasound machine was purchased in 2012; this piece of equipment is still very functional and will continue to be useful.

This new and up-to-date diagnostic tool will significantly assist physicians in diagnosing patient illness. The new equipment comes with a price tag in the area of $60,000.

This fall, all of the auxiliary’s fundraising efforts will be directed to pay for this valuable new asset to our patient care.

The auxiliary also has raffle tickets for sale on a Christmas Cheer and Charcuterie package which will be drawn Dec. 14, ‘just in time for Christmas.’

The auxiliary acknowledged the “generous” contributors on this package; Larch Wood, Glenora Inn & Distillery, Shean Co-op, Trufflebar Chocolates and auxiliary quilters.

The ICMH Auxiliary was a recent nominee and award winner at the 100 Women Who Care Rural Cape Breton event.

The auxiliary acknowledged the wonderful work of this organization and expressed their appreciation for the recognition and award of $16,300; funds which will go towards the benefit of those who use the hospital.

Lochaber Christmas Breakfast

The Lochaber Christmas Breakfast will take place from 8 a.m. to noon on Dec. 9.

Enjoy the spirit of the season with the whole family by joining the Lochaber Community Development Association (LCDA) for the breakfast.

The LCDA will be kicking off their winter monthly breakfasts with the Dec. 9 event and, in keeping with the Christmas season as in the past, Christmas trees and wreaths will be available for purchase.

Trees range from 3’6” to 10’’ with all sales donated to the Lochaber Centre.

The Lochaber Sylvan Lakers will have tickets available on a Christmas basket of goodies and if folks are unable to attend but still wish to purchase a tree or wreath, they can call Glenn Terris at 902-783-2209 or Jim Webber at 902-783-2660.

For more information, visit

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