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Organizing your holiday decorations

Herald Holiday Decoration Organizing Oct 6 2018 Gift Wrap Storage
Herald Holiday Decoration Organizing Oct 6 2018 Gift Wrap Storage - 123RF Stock Photo

When I first started organizing fifteen years ago, the first few projects I did involved organizing holiday décor. No matter how you celebrate the holiday season I am guessing you have some sort of decorative collection you like to put out to make your home more festive.  Keeping it all organized can be a challenge so here are a few tips for doing just that.

Brace yourself, this could get messy before it gets tidy. Start by pulling out everything, and I mean everything, from every closet, the storage room, the garage, the attic… need I say more?  If any of the decorations are broken, damaged or just too darn ugly, let go of them. Don’t think about it too much, just do it!

Now start sorting by category. For example, I like to divide Christmas decorations into several categories – outdoor lights, indoor lights, tree ornaments, other tree-related items, wreaths, fireplace, stair railing, nativity sets, large items and so on. If you organize them by where they go it makes set up and take down so much easier.

Consider how much you have in each pile.  Now ask yourself how long it has been since you used all that stuff.  If you haven’t used something for the last couple of years you probably won’t use it again. Next, ask yourself if you even like the items you have. As time passes you might find that older items bring you a lot of joy and you should keep those. Or they start to lose their luster in which case you can pass them along to someone else.

If you are one of those people who buys new décor when it’s on sale at the end of the season you may have forgotten what you have.  It is so important to re-evaluate and each time you bring anything new into your home to see if you can let go of something old especially if you have limited storage space.

Now that you’ve done the sorting and editing, it’s time to make sure you have the correct containers to keep everything organized and prevent items from being damaged while they’re in storage. There are a bevy of holiday-specific containers available for storing decorations.  Try Bed Bath and Beyond ( under holiday storage or The Container Store ( Or buy some inexpensive clear plastic containers in various sizes. Be sure to measure and count so that everything fits in your new containers. 

I like to purchase the fabric organizers made specifically for ornaments, wreaths, gift wrap, garland and more. There is a new container I haven’t seen before for tall decorations like nutcrackers. And it makes me happy when they all match. Somehow that just makes everything look more organized.

Next you should label the containers according to the categories you have created.  You also want to be sure that everything fits back in the storage are you have designated. If not, consider another round of purging. You might want to purchase some sturdy shelving to take advantage of vertical space. And some of the organizers such as wreath bags can be hung on hooks to save valuable floor space.

Finally, stand back and admire your hard work.  Happy organizing! Or should I say happy holidays.

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