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Antigonish County officials remind residents to check assessment notices

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It is not a cheque, but ratepayers across the province have already or will receive an important document in the mail.    

Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) mailed more than 627,000 assessment notices to Nova Scotia property owners Jan. 14.    

During its monthly meeting on the following evening (Jan. 15), Municipality of the County of Antigonish reminded residents to check that document.    

“Sometimes people do not look at them, so we encourage people to open them and have a look,” Warden Owen McCarron told reporters after the meeting. 

“If they are not sure about their assessment notice, contact PVSC or contact the municipal office – we will certainly help them, as well.”    

PVSC is the municipally-funded, independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for property assessment, which provides annual assessment rolls to municipalities and assessment  notices to property owners.    

From the day assessment notices are mailed out each year, there is a 31-day inquiry and appeal period, which means the deadline this year is midnight on Feb. 14.    

Property owners can appeal their assessment by filling out the appeal form on the bottom of their notice and returning it to PVSC by mail, fax or email.    

“When that appeal period ends, there is no opportunity to change that notice for the year,” McCarron said.    

He agreed they hear concerns from property owners each year, regarding their assessments, but they often come after the deadline, which is too late for any changes to be made. 

Assessment information is now public and can be found on the PVSC website    

PVSC can be contacted through its website or by phoning 1-800-380-7775.

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