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Video: Matt Doherty named Maritime Heavyweight Champion at Colchester Highland Games

Heavy things were flying through the air in Bible Hill last weekend.

Matt Doherty was named this year’s champion when the Maritime Heavyweight Championship was held, as part of the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering, September 8-9.

Doherty, who is from Antigonish, also captured his fifth Canadian Scottish Athletics Federation (CSAF) Championship in July.

Finishing in second place at the Colchester competition was Padraic Moore, a former Ontario resident who now lives in Oxford. Lucas Robinson, of Perth Andover, New Brunswick- and the youngest competitor in the event at 20, was third. Adam Ogilvie, of Debert, who was coordinator for the championship, was fourth. Mike Miller, of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, was fifth; and Clem Seguin, of Grand Falls, New Brunswick, was sixth.

Two pieces of equipment broke when they struck the hard ground during the finals on Sunday. The hammer, which consists of a weight on the end of the piece of lightweight pipe, was repaired and competition continued. The caber, a 20-foot spruce pole, had to be retired from the games and a substitute event, using a caber that’s not quite as long, was added. Instead of throwing the caber for accuracy, which is usual, this event involved throwing for distance.

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