Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2015

About Us

The Casket is the community newspaper for Antigonish town and county.

The newspaper documents its official beginning as being 1852 when John Boyd, a school teacher in Pictou County, set up the newspaper in Antigonish. The first copy of The Casket appeared on June 24th, 1852, consisting of four pages; two in English and two in Gaelic.

Mr. Boyd established the paper a Guardian of Liberty and his masthead bore the motto: Liberty the choicest gem of the Old World, and the fairest flower of the New.

The name of the paper was suggested by a local doctor, William Currie. The word “casket” at that time meant a treasure box or a container of precious things.

Today the company also provides commercial printing in Antigonish through Casket Printing, Campbell’s Printing and in Port Hawkesbury through Strait Printing.

The Casket is a paid weekly newspaper. Their extended publication, The Quad County EXTRA, is delivered weekly to over 20,000 homes in Antigonish, Guysborough, Inverness and Richmond counties.


Our Companies

A free weekly publication delivered to all Antigonish and Guysborough County homes plus 9,500 in Inverness and Richmond Counties every Thursday. Total number of copies delivered by independent contract drivers is 20,000.

To get advertising rates for in paper ads or information on flyer delivery contact Mark Graham at 863-4370 or by email [email protected].