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Artistic calendar to bring food to hungry

Posted on November 27, 2012 by Rachel Psutka [email protected]

Local artist Anne Camozzi shows her entry to the Feed Nova Scotia calendar on Thursday, Nov. 22. (Rachel Psutka photo)

Calming blues, vibrant greens and the gentle imagery of the Nova Scotia coastline portrayed in local artist Anne Camozzi’s painting Ocean Reflections is just one of a dozen pieces of art on display in this year’s Feed Nova Scotia Sharing the View calendar.

“I’m pretty honoured to be included with that group of artists.The calendar itself is actually absolutely gorgeous,” Camozzi said.

Her painting, done on silk, shows a stretch of coastline, bordered with a tall pine tree. Other art throughout the calendar follows the theme of water, including river scenes, images of pond hockey and water lilies in a pond, among others. All of the paintings are also available for purchase, but much of the funds raised come from calendar purchases.

“Every calendar sold will allow Feed Nova Scotia to distribute enough donated food to feed 17 people for a day, so it’s pretty impressive,” Camozzi said.

Camozzi, who was one of more than 100 artists applying to be a part of the calendar, said she is glad to be able to use her art to help.

“I’m really dedicated to using art for social justice, and it made me really motivated to donate my services,” she said.

Dianne Swinemar, executive director of Feed Nova Scotia, said the calendar and art sale are a major boost to the organization’s funds for the past three years.

“We raised $76,000 the first year and $86,000 the second year,” she said. “It takes a tremendous amount of money to make sure we’re doing our work properly, and fundraising’s a big piece of what we have to do.”

Swinemar said funds raised go towards general operations and programming, including inventory and re-distribution of food to the province’s 153 different food banks, shelters and soup kitchens.

“It’s fairly costly to do that, but every dollar allows us to move $15.74 of donated food to the local communities,” she said.

Now in its third year, the calendar and art auction is a special fundraiser, with all the artists donating their work to raise money, and Swinemar said she’s glad to see the entire province represented.

“I think it’s really neat that the artists come from all over Nova Scotia. I love that they’ve picked themes, there’s not a spot in Nova Scotia where you can’t access water,” she added.

Camozzi will be signing calendars at the Antigonish Sobeys  Friday, Nov. 30 from noon to 1 p.m. Calendars can be purchased from Sobeys for $20.

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