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Taekwondo athletes to compete

Posted on February 12, 2015 by Gail MacDougall [email protected]

Xavier Taekwondo members Katy-Sue Hayne, Emily Stewart, Emma MacDonald, Aidan MacDonald, Molly Cooper and coach Jeremy Reeve will participate in the 2015 Canada Open Taekwondo championships in Toronto Feb. 13 to 15. PHOTO: Submitted

Five members of the Xavier Taekwondo Club will competed in the Canada Open championships Feb. 13-15 in Toronto.
Aidan MacDonald, Emma MacDonald, Molly Cooper, Katy-Sue Hayne and Emily Stewart will be joined by coach Jeremy Reeve at the tournament that will feature competitors from 17 countries.
Aidan MacDonald will compete in the women’s 15 to 17 age class. There are four Canadians and one American in her 42kg weight class.
Emma MacDonald will compete in the women’s 15 to 17, 59kg weight class. The division is expected to feature 11 athletes, including seven Canadians.
Stewart will compete in the women’s 15-17, 63kg weight class. The division has eight athletes entered, including six from Canada. Cooper will compete in the women’s 15 to 17, 68kg weight class, which features five Canadians seeking top honours.
Katy-Sue Hayne will compete in the women’s 17-and-over division in the 62kg weight class. There are 14 athletes in her division from Canada, the United States and Mexico
“This event for the junior athletes in Canada is part of a selection process in making the national team that will compete in the 2015 Pan American Championships  in Columbia, scheduled for September,” Reeve said.
“The juniors will accumulate national ranking points between this event and the national championships being held in June to determine who will make the junior national team.”  
Reeve said the competition is an internationally ranked event for the seniors that will go towards their international ranking points. The points are used to help determine who will qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero.
“This event for Emma, Emily and Molly will be a first time competing at the international level,” he said
“Aidan and Katy-Sue are very familiar with international competitions. Aidan won the 2013 Canadian Open, and represented Canada at the 2014 Junior Pan-American Championships, where she won bronze. Hayne took bronze at this event in 2010 and has competed in this event and the US Open multiples times.”
Xavier Taekwondo Club members Mattie MacDonald and Hayne competed at the 2015 US Open in Orlando late last month.
MacDonald competed in the 17 and over women’s division in the 57 kg weight class.
She won her opening match against an athlete from Brazil by a 3-2 score before losing 5-3 against two-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist Hou Yuzhuo.
Hayne took an opening round loss to an opponent from the United States.

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