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Popular Pomquet places and events

Posted on February 10, 2017 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

While the winter carnival is the focus in Pomquet this time of the year, a prime focus for the summer is – the continually growing in popularity – Chez Deslauriers, which is run by the Pomquet Development Society.
Society president Colette Rennie noted money they received in the fall from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has gone towards the construction of an extension to the deck.
“A covered deck that will just enhance the capacity … it will hold more people and be more comfortable,” she said.
“It almost done so it will be ready for the summer season.”
Rennie talked about Chez Deslauriers welcoming more and more people every summer.
“Every year our numbers increase,” she said.
“It’s becoming quite a place for tourists … it’s amazing. And we always have our regulars showing up; we serve, over the course of a summer, probably, 1,200 meals.”
Another recent development for the location is new signage, which has come with the fall opening of the newly twinned section of Hwy. 104.
“We have a new highway sign,” Rennie said.
“That was in the works for a number of years and the Department of Transportation told us it would have to wait until the new highway was up and it, promptly, went up when they opened the highway, so that’s nice.
“It directs people because it can be a little confusing, but once they get into Pomquet, the signage is there.”
And with this being carnival time, Rennie talked about roles the society plays in helping the annual winter celebration.
“We sponsor the children’s parade with the Pomquet Area Cultural, Recreational, Community Development Association (PACRCDA); it’s Saturday, Feb. 18, at 1 p.m.,” she said.
“Last year we had, probably, 15 entries. This used to be a big part of the winter carnival back when it first started and it wasn’t just the children’s parade, it was the children’s and adult’s parade. So we’re reviving it. I can’t remember, exactly, what year the last parade was, probably in the 1980s, but we’re reviving it; this is only our third year now and our numbers are going up every year, so that is great.”
Rennie said the theme for the parade this year is ‘workers’ jobs – from today and yesterday.’
“And we’re allowing bicycles this year which is something new. So any child who wants to bring a bike they can bring it along … it doesn’t have to be decorated, just bring it along.
“And once the parade is over, the children go from the church to the hall and, at the end of the parade, we have an assembly – we have tea, coffee, cookies. We’ll have an emcee and prizes are awarded to the winning entries and, this year, everyone will get a prize – all participants.”
Rennie noted the society is also teaming up with PACRCDA for the Fricôt meal on Sunday, Feb. 12.
“The Pomquet Development Society is actually looking after the meal … the meal prep and PACRCDA is helping in the serving department,” she said.

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