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Brueggergosman in concert later this month

Posted on February 10, 2017 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

Measha Brueggergosman will be promoting her new album Songs of Freedom while performing in Port Hawkesbury Feb. 25 and New Glasgow Feb. 26. Submitted

Highly-acclaimed Canadian soprano artist Measha Brueggergosman is coming back to eastern Nova Scotia this month, with concert dates in Port Hawkesbury and New Glasgow.
Feb. 25, at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre, Brueggergosman will perform with a 7:30 starting time. The following evening, she’ll be at Glasgow Square Theatre.
Known as an artist who can perform both as an opera or concert singer, Brueggergosman will be promoting her latest album, Songs of Freedom, during the stops which are part of a nation-wide tour that will conclude with shows in the U.S.
“I’m super excited … it’s going to be a rip-roarin’ good time,” she said in talking to the Casket Feb. 4.
“We have a bunch of choirs who are going to be joining us on stage and we’re going to be doing some gospel and spiritual numbers.”
Brueggergosman said the album is inspired by a film about her and they share the same title.
“[The film] had me as its subject; it followed the genealogy of my family back to Cameroon … so it’s, essentially, songs from Cameroon to Nova Scotia,” she said of the album released Jan. 13.
“It has been a very positive response and it’s my most personal album to date,” she added. “We have had a really great time recording it and now we get to tour it. It’s a nice thing to tour during African Heritage Month because there is a lot of traditional repertoire on there … it’s a good time.”
Brueggergosman said the album explores her faith.
“I grew up in a Christian home and with Brunswick Street Baptist Church in Fredericton,” she said.
“The church had a classical music tradition so my roots are actually more classical than they’re gospel but, as I came to know the tradition of my ancestors, it was very interesting to me to have a look at that repertoire and make it my own, even though it wasn’t something I hadn’t grown up with.”
She talked more of the local dates happening while the province is in the midst of celebrating African Heritage Moth.
“It’s a happy planning situation,” she said.
“You want to have an album you can stand behind personally but then you’re always looking for opportunities to have the professional line-up with the personal.
“It’s nice too as we come into this year celebrating our country’s confederacy (150th anniversary), as people are looking for ways in this dire political climate, south of us anyways. I think we’re doing pretty well in our own borders and I think we tend to forget that because we’re bombarded by another country’s news; but I’m mostly interested in focusing on the glass half-full which is definitely what it means to be Canadian.
“I just think we have so much to celebrate in this country and it can be so easy to be wooed by the negativity of our neighbours, but I think we can stand for something better than that.”
Born and raised in Fredericton, Brueggergosman now calls the Valley area of Nova Scotia home.
“My parents are also in the Valley, in Kentville, and it’s a whole other way of life,” she said.
“I’m always cautious speaking about it because I don’t want the secret to get out of how great it is to live in Nova Scotia. Yes, we have our weather challenges but, you know, we’re made of very tough stock and I’m really proud to raise my sons there and to worship there, at New Minas Baptist Church, my dad is a pastor there. No one is going to disagree with what I say; it’s really a great place to raise a family.”
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