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Celebrating the month in dance, drumming

Posted on February 17, 2017 Richard MacKenzie; [email protected]

Mufaro Chakabuda, founder and chief executive officer with the Maritime Centre for African Dance, led an enthusiastic group of participants in different dances during a workshop, Feb. 4, at the People’s Place Library. Richard MacKenzie

The movement was lively and expressive Saturday (Feb. 4) afternoon, in the People’s Place Library’s community room, as the Maritime Centre for African Dance (MCAD) hosted a ‘traditional and modern African dance and drumming workshop.’
In a promotional poster regarding the event, it was noted MCAD is, “best known for performing at President [Barack] Obama’s African Inaugural Ball” and that centre representatives were visiting a couple of Pictou Antigonish Regional Library (PARL) locations on the day.
“We were in New Glasgow earlier and this afternoon we came here,” Andrew Dahms, a well-known drummer based in the Halifax area, said.
“Today was good, really nice; New Glasgow was a really big turnout and this was a nice one as well, and everyone seems interested to play along.”
Mufaro Chakabuda, founder and chief executive officer with the MCAD, led the group in different dances as they circled around her and copied her movements.
“It went very well … it was a lot of fun,” she said at the conclusion as participants came up to thank her for her instruction and enthusiasm.
“We had a lot of people participating with the dancing and a lot of people who were willing to learn; willing to open their minds about something different from Africa – as opposed to the negative side – and really focus on something that is joyous and festive,” Chakabuda added.
Noting their appearance came during the first week of African Heritage Month, she said that is by design.
“With African Heritage Month, we want to be part of community celebrations so we’ve decided to come up to these different libraries.”
For more on MCAD, visit their website at or Facebook page.

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