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St. F.X. enrolment remains ‘relatively stable’

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Corey LeBlanc [email protected]

Courtney MacDonald (left) of Brierly Brook, who will be a first-year student at St. F.X., chats with current students, including X-Women rugby star Joanna Alphonso, during a welcome event for first-year students hosted by the Antigonish-Guysborough Chapter of the St. F.X. Alumni Association, Aug. 21, at Chisholm Park in downtown Antigonish. Corey LeBlanc

St. F.X. officials indicate enrolment is ‘relatively stable’ as the countdown grows short to the start of another university year.

    “We are seeing some really positive response to our new programs, particularly in our Bachelor of Arts and Science in Health, as well as our Public Policy in Governance,” Tara Buksaitis, St. F.X. Registrar, said in an Aug. 22 interview.

    “At this point, registration numbers and overall enrolment is still fluctuating, as we are continuing to have students register.

    “We don’t have any hard and fast numbers, at this point, but right now what we are seeing, again, is things are relatively stable in comparison to last year,” she added.

    Buksaitis talked about the estimated first-year student numbers.

    “Right now, the incoming class is sitting at, approximately, just more than 1,300,” she noted.

    That is an increase from last year.

    “We are seeing positivity in those numbers as well,” Buksaitis said.

    “We are seeing a slightly different make-up of the student body. We have a higher number of transfer students coming in, so the look of the student body might be a little bit different this year than in comparison to previous years.”

    As for the breakdown of the student population, in areas such as region of origin, Buksaitis said they “have not done that deep dive yet.”

    “We won’t look to do that until the enrolment numbers settle and the shopping period is, kind of, closed, which will happen for us about the second week of September.”

    At that time, Buksaitis noted, they will start the ‘deeper dive,’ as “we prepare for our official report to AAU (Association of Atlantic Universities) and to the province.”

    “We will look at geography breakdown – where students are coming from? We will take a look at the international students at the institution,” she explained.

    “We will also take a look at gender breakdown – those types of things – when we do that deeper dive.”

    Buksaitis talked about ongoing work on campus, including the recent demolition of Nicholson Hall, along with the beginning of construction for the $60 million Brian Mulroney Institute of Government.

    “We are working with an alternate room inventory this year, for teaching space, but that has come together quite nicely,” Buksaitis said.

    “We are very pleased with how things are shaping up for the fall.”

    St. F.X. Welcome Day will take place Saturday, Sept. 2, while the first day of classes is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 5.














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