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Picture perfect

Posted on October 19, 2017 by Corey LeBlanc [email protected]

Kendra Vigneau of the St. Joseph’s club was one of myriad participants in the annual 4-H Day, Aug. 30, as part of the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition in Antigonish. Corey LeBlanc

Kendra Vigneau has created – and captured – countless memories as part of her 4-H experience.

    One of the myriad skills the St. Josephs member has developed is photography.

    “I really like it and I think I have expanded my skills a lot,” the 18-year-old said, as she cradled a camera in her hand.

    The 2017 Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School graduate chatted for a moment or two during a break between taking photos of winners, at the annual 4-H Day, Aug. 30, as part of the Eastern Nova Scotia Exhibition in Antigonish. 

    “I can’t remember,” she said, with a laugh, estimating 2008 was her first year with the movement.

    As for highlights, Kendra noted her participation in a 4-H Canada Congress convention a couple years ago.

    She rattled off projects she has participated in – such as light horse, cake decorating and the aforementioned photography.

    On the heels of time as club reporter and vice president, Vigneau has served as St. Joseph’s president for the last couple years.

    “I think I have been able to help improve the club,” she said of her presidency, while describing herself (laughing) as “nit-picky.”

    Amongst the many benefits from 4-H, she noted, are honing presentation skills from public speaking.

    “I am still kind of shy, but I certainly have a lot more confidence,” she said.

    Vigneau has started her freshman year at St. F.X., where she will study in the Bachelor of Business Administration.

    Marketing tops the list, for now, as her subject of choice, with accounting and finance also on her radar.

    Her 4-H experience will also provide a financial boost for her post-secondary studies. She is the 2017 Nova Scotia recipient of a $1,000 CIBC/4-H scholarship, one of eight from across Canada.





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